Monday, May 09, 2005

Suet Generis

Aha! Just what I've been hoping for - a good excuse to link to one of my very favorite blogs of all, the Journal of the Janus Museum. The Journal's normal beat is not what you could call a normal beat, really, covering as it does an astonishingly and unpredictably wide range of subjects; this entry, however, is right up (or down) our alley: some esoteric lore about suet puddings. One of my very favorite topics of all.

(And incidentally, credit where credit is due: the subject line for the present post was coined many years ago by none other than Tibor Szégy-Légy himself, now the author of the blog in question; and he said it about... [blush]... me. Now that's heady stuff, let me tell you.)


Blogger Marc Millon said...

Lisa, I know you are 'The Queen of Puddings' (now there's a pudding for you...) and have researched and written widely on the subject. But why puddings? And is it just suet puddings? Or any puddings at all?

May 09, 2005 10:14 pm  
Blogger Lisa Grossman said...

Marc, have I told you lately what a great straight-man you are?

To answer your questions, then, the last shall be first: any and all puddings, sweet and savory, including of course the Great Chieftain of the Pudding Race - but with a special fondness for suet puddings. And the reason for all of it, the fons et origo, is Patrick O'Brian, whose passion and preferences are echoed by mine. I keep meaning to give you the URL for my book on the subject to post on this site - would have done so privately, but since you ask, ahem, it's Lobscouse & Spotted Dog, and in its merry way it covers a good deal of 18th/19th century ground beyond puddings; still, puddings were certainly the lodestone of the whole enterprise.

So passionate and so vocal have I been about suet and the proper handling and use thereof that Tibor S-L, he of the title witticism, once dubbed me "Suetonius." I've lectured on the subject in some astonishingly diverse venues; I once got so carried away by my enthusiasm that I wrote a series of acrostic poems (two sonnets and an ode) about it. (Tibor, again: "the Suet Cycle," he calls it!)

May 10, 2005 5:24 pm  
Blogger Marc Millon said...

Dear Suetonious,

Consider yourself duly linked.


May 10, 2005 5:36 pm  

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